Dive into crystal clear blue waters, endless white sand beaches, rolling green hills, rural rice fields, cluttered cities, friendly smiles, delicious street food, markets packed with everything fresh and local, gleaming temples, golden statues, and everything else Thailand has to offer.In the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand offers a unique blend of easy and exotic, modern and tradition, historical and natural. It is not difficult to fall in love with the friendly smiles of the local people or the fresh and flavourful dishes of the local cuisine in Thailand. Best of all, Thailand offers a huge range of activities and accommodation for any budget. Explore the golden temples of Bangkok, relax with a traditional Thai massage on a white sandy beach, trek through a green jungle on the back of an elephant, and find a sacred space tucked away in an ancient Banyan tree. Thailand is the best of old and new all rolled into one exciting and easy-to-travel country.