Grand United hotel in Yangon

History of Hotel Grand United

The Grand United story began in 2012 with our first hotel at the heart of downtown Yangon in Chinatown. We then established a new international, four-star hotel in a serene neighborhood within short reach to downtown in late 2013. Our latest opening was in mid-2014 also in Chinatown, but a more contemporary version of our Chinatown Branch. Our Chinatown and 21st Downtown branches are a mere 5 minute walk from each other.

Our management focuses upon minute details and in every new branch, we make changes structurally and visually of our hotel to ensure comfort for our guests. We also emphasize on placing our hotels in the most strategic locations, along with providing facilities and hospitality that aims to exceed our guests’ expectation. Plans are underway for the further growth of our brand.

With the objective of becoming Myanmar’s leading hotel management company, we put high levels of effort in pursuing the values we treasure:


We want our guests to not only live in a comfortable setting, but also enjoy bits of Burmese culture. Let us make it a smooth journey for you!


Hospitality adds fine touches to impeccable service with subtle, yet important additions to ensuring guests’ satisfaction – we aim to do this!


Live like it is your home with our detailed efforts into your comfort and convenience, along with our fascinating locations and views!

Finally, we believe in change, constantly giving back to local communities with our philanthropic efforts into local monasteries, schools and elderly centres.